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Wordless Wednesday: Future

This little lady as I keep calling her, or better known as X54 has picked up quite a few likes on my Facebook profile. So I thought I would share her over here as well. 


Check out Chandler’s sale page for sibs of this heifer, while she isn’t for sale, there are others in the pen that are just as striking. And the sale ends tomorrow!


Simply, Why is the Beef Industry Important

Simply saying it, why is the beef industry important? A recent conversation with an industry peer challenged me to state my opinion of this question. 

Preservation and utilization of natural resources, producing lean beef and critical by-products, stimulating rural and urban economies and continuing a family heritage for the next generation are the simply points why I am passionate about the beef industry in the U.S. and around the world.

Our planet is comprised of numerous diverse ecosystems; within those systems are multiple ways to manage the natural resources while cultivating products that further a modern society. Cattle are a tool for management systems that allow rangelands, other grasslands and feedstuffs to be converted to valuable lean beef, while producing by-products that are base element in numerous everyday products.

Beef is my favorite protein that helps me maintain a health lifestyle, and is a component in so many of my favorite products and critical items that could save my life if needed. Nothing is wasted, and every resource that was used to create the nutritious beef or the by-product continues on in the cycle of life.

In my travels throughout the country, I have seen rural communities thriving and major ports shipping beef products all over the world. The common factor that connects all of us is the the success in the beef industry. When downtown districts are thriving in rural America, you know there are good things going on down the chain. In good times, or bad, the cattle business is continually turning dollars back in our economies.

Beef product has also been my family’s livelihood for nearly 130 years. The original goal was to provide beef to the gold miners during the gold rush in the late 1800’s it turned into a lifestyle that has raised six generations, thousands of head of quality Hereford cattle and preserved the land for generations to come. At the end of the day, all of my goals come back to the ranch. I want to have a career furthering agriculture and the beef industry while raising a family that gets to experience life around livestock and the people that make the industry so great.

My passion for the beef industry comes from a long line of ranchers, but my education and experiences have continued to show me that we can raise beef that fits the environment and meets customer demands. Now, I challenge you to share you opinion about why the beef industry is important to you.

My best days are spent looking at good Hereford cows.

Spring calving cows at the ranch in Baker, Oregon. 

Western Wildfire Season

Wildfires in the west are part of the normal summer activities.

Hazy days are closed by smokey sunsets. We are taught from a young age to be cautious. Smokey Bear is a part of everyday life as much as a childhood teddy bear. Sights and sounds of US Forest Service, BLM, state and private contractors fire trucks and rigs are normal. The repercussions of these fires devastates the land, animals, lives and the families that make a living from the land.

The impacts, the stories and discussions that one could have about the impact of fire could host conversations for days. Some are positive, and others are negative. Understanding that fire impacts peoples live is one of the hardest for many to grasp. As hard as it was for people to understand why farmers and ranchers could not act quick enough in the fall of 2013 during the Storm Atlas in southwestern region of South Dakota.

A friend who is an ag teacher, ranchers wife and now fire volunteer on the Buzzard Complex had this to say about what we she was witnessing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.29.13 AM

The fire as of Sunday was larger in land area than Multnomah County, which is home the largest population in the state. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.34.45 AM

There are dozens of other large fires burning in the west. National media outlets are picking up the stories, but they are focused on the million dollar homes in a resort town, rather than the stories of those who make a living from the land.

Stay safe out there and enjoy your summer. Thank you to all of the volunteers, contractors and fire fighters working to control this rapidly moving summer of flames.

Picture from a look out point in the Grand Ronde Valley I took this weekend when we were riding. You can see the smoke socking in the valley and moving through the region.

Picture from a look out point in the Grand Ronde Valley I took this weekend when my Mom and I were riding. You can see the smoke socking in the valley and moving through the region.

What Really is a Scarecrow?

What really is a scarecrow? 

By definition a scarecrow is an object, usually made to resemble a human figure, set up to scare birds away from a field where crops are growing. Or the informal definition is a person who is very badly dressed, odd-looking, or thin. The archaic definition is an object of baseless fear.

So why would Chipotle use such strong imagery of a coward for their latest fall ad campaign attacking animal agriculture? I have no idea, other than they were out to describe what the organization is out to do, create “baseless fear” into the American food supply. Even Mashable agrees with my opinion of this latest marketing gimmick by Chipotle.

While I do give kudos to the new Chipotle advertising campaign — it’s gorgeous. The art, the music and the campaign are well done. But what does it do, increase hysteria about the safest food supply and animal husbandry practices in the world? Below are are few additional links about the Chipotle ad that you may find interesting.

Following my late to the conversation blog post about the ad, is the latest commercial from Cheerios that I saw as I opened a browser to my favorite Texas Country radio station last week made me revisit my blog. Instantly, I thought either the Red Dirt Rebel is now supporting Chipotle, which is fine for them, but not me… I settled back into my chair and watched the whole commercial without jumping to any more conclusions. I was surprised to discover that Cheerios was using the same type of animation imagery to describe the “goodness” of their multi-grain breakfast product.

What are you thoughts on this type of imagery to market food products? What is Cheerios trying to accomplish through this ad, are they targeting a specific demographic of consumers or is their something else in the works?

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Wandering the Country Side


They say you don’t get to choose your family,
and for that I am thankful everyday.

I have been blessed beyond measure to have not one, but several amazing cow families (cow joke!). These families have not only opened doors for me, but have taught me more about the industry and myself than I could have ever imagine.


I had a great trip to Idaho this weekend, but it was kicked off my Mother bringing the ladies home from the ranch. The calves look awesome and it doesn’t get much better than having an amazing family who is always looking out for us and sent her home with a set of calves that are ready to head into the fall. Followed by an excellent sale and time spent with people made my cheeks hurt from smiling. The four hour drive home took more like ten, and that was just fine. Reading a book to Kalli and getting to laugh with some of my oldest friends make this one of the best weekends in a long time.


Here are few snap shots from a fast 660 mile weekend.


Closure on a great day.

Closure on a great day.


The evening view.

The evening view.





Durbin Creek Ranch fillies

Durbin Creek Ranch fillies


Wordless Wednesday–Junior National Season

It’s one of my favorite times of the year–Junior National season! I should probably grow up, but I love youth events!

I had a great time experiencing my first Angus junior national. The professionalism of that program is bar none. This week the American Royal facility is full of those gorgeous white faced Herefords. You can not go wrong with the quality of people, variety of junior activities and opportunities to stick one throughout the week of a Hereford junior national.


Photo from opening session last night.

A Cattlemen’s Prayer

The cattle industry is in an interesting time, the generations removed from agricultural practices are questioning cattle producers freedom to operate. The usual discussions are still there for the industry of high input prices, cattle prices that are a constant roller coaster, drought throughout much of the country, while other areas are dealing with mass amounts of standing water. The test and trails of this business and lifestyle are often more than average person wants to deal with, although the majority of cattlemen and women throughout the country would never trade in their way of life for anything else.

A friend, industry advocate and entertainer sent this song my way last last week. She sent it over for my listening pleasure, and instantly knew I needed to share this great piece.

I am simply giddy over it. Titled A Cattlemen’s Prayer — how couldn’t I be. No matter your take on religion, the song will surely give you chills and hopefully cause to you stop a minute and say a prayer for the lifestyle and dedication it takes to be involved in the American cattle industry.

A Cattlemen’s Prayer is by Take Two Productions, LLC., Cara Ayres & Beth Schreiber, and Duane Chandler 45th Parallel Studios.

Two years ago at Christmas, Duane had us listen to Cara and Beth’s latest recording — Perfect Temple — which was written for the Special Olympics Montana focused around the amazing Temple Grandin. Take a listen at this neat song!

If you have any questions about the work done by  Take Two Productions, LLC., Cara Ayres & Beth Schreiber, and Duane Chandler 45th Parallel Studios do not hesitate to jump over to their webpage and contact them.

Cara and Beth of Take Two Productions, LLC.

Cara and Beth of Take Two Productions, LLC.

Happy listening, and don’t forget to say a prayer for the American cattle ranchers. 

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