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Simply, Why is the Beef Industry Important

Simply saying it, why is the beef industry important? A recent conversation with an industry peer challenged me to state my opinion of this question. 

Preservation and utilization of natural resources, producing lean beef and critical by-products, stimulating rural and urban economies and continuing a family heritage for the next generation are the simply points why I am passionate about the beef industry in the U.S. and around the world.

Our planet is comprised of numerous diverse ecosystems; within those systems are multiple ways to manage the natural resources while cultivating products that further a modern society. Cattle are a tool for management systems that allow rangelands, other grasslands and feedstuffs to be converted to valuable lean beef, while producing by-products that are base element in numerous everyday products.

Beef is my favorite protein that helps me maintain a health lifestyle, and is a component in so many of my favorite products and critical items that could save my life if needed. Nothing is wasted, and every resource that was used to create the nutritious beef or the by-product continues on in the cycle of life.

In my travels throughout the country, I have seen rural communities thriving and major ports shipping beef products all over the world. The common factor that connects all of us is the the success in the beef industry. When downtown districts are thriving in rural America, you know there are good things going on down the chain. In good times, or bad, the cattle business is continually turning dollars back in our economies.

Beef product has also been my family’s livelihood for nearly 130 years. The original goal was to provide beef to the gold miners during the gold rush in the late 1800’s it turned into a lifestyle that has raised six generations, thousands of head of quality Hereford cattle and preserved the land for generations to come. At the end of the day, all of my goals come back to the ranch. I want to have a career furthering agriculture and the beef industry while raising a family that gets to experience life around livestock and the people that make the industry so great.

My passion for the beef industry comes from a long line of ranchers, but my education and experiences have continued to show me that we can raise beef that fits the environment and meets customer demands. Now, I challenge you to share you opinion about why the beef industry is important to you.

My best days are spent looking at good Hereford cows.

Spring calving cows at the ranch in Baker, Oregon. 


Challenge Friday–Advocacy and Respect

Challenge Friday

Let’s just say after this week in social media land (my new favorite term), I almost want to just shut my phone off, donate my computer to my Mother, and head to the wilderness.

Side note, the technical wilderness starts about fifty yards from my Mother’s house…I probably wouldn’t last long. 

I guess a girl can’t give up though. My Daddy raised me better than that.

So on that note, today’s Challenge Is:

I believe that food is a personal and emotional choice. We all have the right to choose, and American agriculture has given us bountiful options to make the choice that is right for each of us.

Would you please leave me a comment letting me know how you are advocating and being respectful of others opinions about American agriculture and the food we are all consuming. Or if you think I am totally off base with this idea or concept. I know there are still lots of hungry people in this country, and throughout the world, but education is the first step to other taking an active role in their personal food choices.

I think I am really funny, so I hope you see my limited humor in this.

Are You Talking WITH or AT Consumers?

The Texas Farm Bureau released a blog this week that states the fact that consumers don’t want to be talked at, but talked with from the perspective of who is producing the food the eat.

Now, really who likes being talked at, but talking with individuals about concerns that they may have or to correct misinformation is a strategy that we all could take a look at.  It has probably been close to two year ago that a blog post filtered through my Facebook news feed discussing the need for agriculturalist to take a step back and realize how they were approach this issue of agricultural literacy or education. We have all met the people who want to shove religion down our throat or any other subject, and in many cases people within agriculture are maybe too eager to share the story of agriculture.

I really wish I could find this blog post, cause it was a slap in the face for me. Reality check, I was (or still might be) that person.

This might be strange, but my Dad’s cousin passed away last week. He might have been one of the neatest christian men I have ever met. Don and his wonderful family showed me the true spirit and hospitality of West Texas when I first moved to Lubbock.

I attended his memorial service this week, I was greeted by family members that I knew were located in West Texas and across the country, but I hadn’t the slightest idea who they might be. This situation presented itself for me to explain my life story, and what my passion in life was.

It went something like this:
  1. My name is Maddee
  2. My Dad was Scott, he passed away in 2006
  3. Home is Eastern Oregon, but have lived in Lubbock for three years
  4. Bachelors degree in animal science, working on my masters degree in agricultural communications.
    1. BAM! Here was the turning point in the conversation, where I went from being a normal 20 something girl, to an advocate for agriculture (quite possibly on steroids).

i.     This was the moment most people gave me that look like, hmmm that is neat…maybe??? And they would pose the question “so what do you with that, what do you want to do with that?”

  1. Share the story of agriculture, or public relations in the beef industry in Boise, Idaho if I could chose my career exactly.
  2. Again this lead to more discussion about agriculture, I answered questions of hormones in meat, Michael Pollan’s books and theory, GMO’s, cotton production, raising beef, major medias inaccurate coverage of agriculture production and so on.

I thought to myself, oh gosh these poor people are going to need me to leave. I am pretty sure I was word vomiting about agriculture everywhere, but they kept asking questions and I kept doing the best I could answer them. Needless to say the Texas Farm Bureau’s post hit home for me, as I asked myself was I talking at or with my family who are general consumers of agricultural products and fascinate me about what they want to know about their food.

So I ask you, are you advocating for agriculture or an obnoxious advocate? I am sure I cross the line from time to time, but I try my best to keep myself in check.

Let your passion shine through, but still be respectful!

One of my favorite places on earth, Chandler Herefords--Baker, Oregon. Snow falling on the Blue Mountains.