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I’m Back. For real this time.

Welcome back to the blog.

I am in the process of a facelift on this beast, and lots of new content from my world. As everything in life changes and evolves, I knew my blog would need to do that as well. Once a year I get the urge to get back into blogging and then I don’t commit fully.

Times are changing.

Here is what you can stay tuned for in new content. I will ALWAYS feature my passion for the beef industry and modern agriculture.

  • Adventure: I travel A LOT, so why not share some of the cool place I go and all of the good food I eat. And not to mention my personal goal of finding the best coffee shops in rural America. If you’ve got some wifi signal and a hot Americano, I am coming for you.
  • Cows: Lots and lots of cows.
  • Waco the Bandit: He’s cute so why not.
  • Fashion stuff: I love to tell stories, fun boots and even more than that I love to meet great people and hear how they got to where they are. Typically, this involves me on the road and in the need of some piece of clothing I forgot for whatever event. And or I just find some amazing people doing really cool things.
  • The world around me: I’ve got cool people I meet and love every day, so why not showcase what they are doing.
  • Technology: If you aren’t joining, you are falling behind. I love technology, so if I find something cool I will do my best to share it with you.

Stay tuned!



Who needs a nap? I sure do following over a month of crazy travel and trade shows. This week was full of social media work for the day job, follow ups and reflections on the chaos. 

The reflections on chaos and a week in Nashville for NCBA gave me the energy to get back to telling my #cattletale. And hopefully accessing audiences that are not cattle producers. 

Today, bull sales are officially kicking off for me. It’s one part of my story. The story and greater goals for life tied to the business. We will get to that goals part later. 

I was excited to leave the house this morning, which is a first in nearly a week. And to be sporting my new #cattletales pin on my work vest. It’s simple, highly noticeable, and one thing that wI’ll hopefully lead to more conversations about the beef industry. 

Go grab another cup of coffee, and get out there sharing your story or #cattletales. 

Totally Ridiculous Opinion Needed

“Wait, what did you do with Paula?”

I would guess that 97.9 percent of people that know me, know that my beast of a car was better known as Paula. I often referred to her as such, and that the inanimate object that she was or is, was pretty much my consistent partner in crime. And I say crime, because she had several runs in with the law.

The day came last week, that I decided that she needed to go see greener pastures or whiter lines. So, with that, I bought a new car. It has sport shifters, and multiple other features that are making my weekly gypsy life seem almost like a life luxury. And yes, Mom and insurance agent Kerri, I promise to use the cruise control.

Either way, I took a little sampling via, SnapChat last week to determine the possible names for the actual poll. This poll as you guessed it will determine the official name for my new car. As you can tell, this is highly scientific, and you should answer the question below as such.

With that, I need your opinion, and I will take additional suggestions.


Wordless Wednesday: Moore. 


This one time I got a speeding ticket in Madeline, California. My State Trooper Father thought it was comical and asked if I questioned the officer about the location of Moore, California. I passed through Moore, Montana today. I think this counts for something, right Dad? #happyearlybirthday #misshim

Election Day

Go vote, and in Oregon that is as simple as hitting your mail box.

Let’s keep talking about your questions tied to agriculture not just stopping on election day. And to all Oregonians, agriculture 10% – Nearly 10% of Oregon’s economy is related to agriculture when you add in transportation, marketing, warehousing and storage, and related services.

140,000 jobs – Approximately 1 in 12 Oregon jobs (140,000) are tied to the industry, with about 60,000 of these located on farms.


Well the day is finally here.  The day that my husband and I stop coming to your mailbox via the thousands of flyers you have received about various issues.  The day that the mudslinging, blue seed lies, and mom’s for marijuana finally all stop coming in through our TVs, Pandora, yahoo ads & hulu.

I won’t say that I’m not nervous. I think that there is a lot on the line, even though this is a midterm election.  But no matter what the outcome, I do feel like we, as farmers, have taken the opportunity to get our voice out there.  I hope that people really took the time to ponder what these measures are all about.  I also hope that this will continue conversations in the future between farmers and our urban neighbors.

The conversation about GMO’s is a long one, it’s complicated and frustrating at times.  But it’s…

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How Long is Long-Term? Are We in Danger of Sacrificing Food Security to Satisfy GMO Paranoia?

Food is an emotional issue, but why is it so different than any other advancement?


FrankenfoodsMy Twitter feed is being taken over by two things: 1) arguments and 2) comments that are going to cause arguments. Almost every tweet appears to draw a contrary comment – I’m tempted to post “Elephants have four legs and one trunk” just to see how many people reply “No, there’s an elephant in South Africa called Minnie who only has three legs but has two trunks…”

The latest discussions (debates? arguments? long drawn-out 140-character battles?) have related to the safety of GMOs. Without exception, the argument from the nay-sayers comes down to “We don’t know what the long-term effects are, so we should ban them until we can conclude that they’re safe.”

In other words, we’re trying to prove a negative – show me that there’s no adverse effects whatsoever and I’ll believe it’s ok. Utterly impossible. Can you be absolutely sure that the screen you’re reading this on isn’t causing…

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