Advocacy or Agvocacy

Agricultural Quotes

I love the history that these quotes portray about agricultural production 

Oregon State University surveys opinions about a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle changes

Why some are choosing to go vegan or vegetarian 

The break down of the Farmers, Ranchers and other Producers actual share of the cost of Food Products

Retail Share VS Producers Share

If Miss America is sharing the story of agriculture, why aren’t you?

Nebraska State Fair

No kidding on no Chipotle, I never liked it anyway. But taking Willie down too?

“The end of Factory Farming”

LA Times Story about HAVE Angus at the California State Fair

Thank you HAVE Angus for allowing media coverage on a busy day! 

Agvocacy video sample: “Where Them Cows At”


One thought on “Advocacy or Agvocacy

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