I would never say that I am the queen of agriculture, but like so many others, I like to wear a crown from time to time. The crown that I prefer, is one that encompasses all of the bounty and diversity that is associated with modern agriculture.

Grande Ronde Valley

Grande Ronde Valley

My name is Madeline Moore; some of you probably know me as Maddee. I hail from a rural community in northeastern Oregon. My childhood was spent tailing cattle, shearing sheep, driving a few pigs, bucking bales and adventuring in the backcountry. Even in a rural farming community, most of my friends did not have a connection or an interest to agriculture. I knew how important it was to share my story and way of life with classmates and community members then. That lead to an interest in agricultural communications while still understanding all of the sciences tied to agriculture.

guns upI left the walls of the Grande Ronde Valley to chase my dreams of gaining a better understanding of the world around me and to see all the country has to offer the global food system. And of course, I wanted to tell my stories about everything I have seen and experienced, welcome to my blog, Under the Crown of Agriculture.

As for today, I am proud to say, my alma mater dawns the Double T of Texas Tech University, Wreck ‘Em Tech! Currently, I reside in Midwest working for an agricultural marketing agency. And I am still chasing dreams, tailing cows when I get the chance and finding an adventure in everything.

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