Monthly Archives: February 2017


Who needs a nap? I sure do following over a month of crazy travel and trade shows. This week was full of social media work for the day job, follow ups and reflections on the chaos. 

The reflections on chaos and a week in Nashville for NCBA gave me the energy to get back to telling my #cattletale. And hopefully accessing audiences that are not cattle producers. 

Today, bull sales are officially kicking off for me. It’s one part of my story. The story and greater goals for life tied to the business. We will get to that goals part later. 

I was excited to leave the house this morning, which is a first in nearly a week. And to be sporting my new #cattletales pin on my work vest. It’s simple, highly noticeable, and one thing that wI’ll hopefully lead to more conversations about the beef industry. 

Go grab another cup of coffee, and get out there sharing your story or #cattletales.