Totally Ridiculous Opinion Needed

“Wait, what did you do with Paula?”

I would guess that 97.9 percent of people that know me, know that my beast of a car was better known as Paula. I often referred to her as such, and that the inanimate object that she was or is, was pretty much my consistent partner in crime. And I say crime, because she had several runs in with the law.

The day came last week, that I decided that she needed to go see greener pastures or whiter lines. So, with that, I bought a new car. It has sport shifters, and multiple other features that are making my weekly gypsy life seem almost like a life luxury. And yes, Mom and insurance agent Kerri, I promise to use the cruise control.

Either way, I took a little sampling via, SnapChat last week to determine the possible names for the actual poll. This poll as you guessed it will determine the official name for my new car. As you can tell, this is highly scientific, and you should answer the question below as such.

With that, I need your opinion, and I will take additional suggestions.



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