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Election Day

Go vote, and in Oregon that is as simple as hitting your mail box.

Let’s keep talking about your questions tied to agriculture not just stopping on election day. And to all Oregonians, agriculture 10% – Nearly 10% of Oregon’s economy is related to agriculture when you add in transportation, marketing, warehousing and storage, and related services.

140,000 jobs – Approximately 1 in 12 Oregon jobs (140,000) are tied to the industry, with about 60,000 of these located on farms.


Well the day is finally here.  The day that my husband and I stop coming to your mailbox via the thousands of flyers you have received about various issues.  The day that the mudslinging, blue seed lies, and mom’s for marijuana finally all stop coming in through our TVs, Pandora, yahoo ads & hulu.

I won’t say that I’m not nervous. I think that there is a lot on the line, even though this is a midterm election.  But no matter what the outcome, I do feel like we, as farmers, have taken the opportunity to get our voice out there.  I hope that people really took the time to ponder what these measures are all about.  I also hope that this will continue conversations in the future between farmers and our urban neighbors.

The conversation about GMO’s is a long one, it’s complicated and frustrating at times.  But it’s…

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