30,000 Miles and Counting

It’s been a whirlwind year to say the least! 

When I left Kansas City, I had done only 11,000 miles on my car in a year and a half, which still basically breaks my heart. My gypsy soul had been crushed. That has been solved, and Paula is much happier not sitting at The Ethans. I think on last count, I am over 30,000 driving miles and a few cross country flights have energized my gypsy ways.

The first tourist stop...

The first tourist stop…

Firstly, moving to rural America is difficult, especially in a town consumed by an older population and a small community college. Clint and Darcy so kindly took me in for what we all thought would be a month long stay. One month turned into seven, and I can’t thank them enough for all of their amazing hospitality. Late nights, random weekend trips and a never ending house project lead me to probably earning worst roommate award… If you ever get the chance to be greeted by Darcy laughing first thing in the morning followed by recorded Superior sale commentated by Clint, your day will be made!

My first week at work included Round-Up, which might as well been my own welcoming party. Only kidding, but it was a great excuse to see friends I hadn’t been able to connect in a while. Even the endless cups of Coors Light couldn’t drowned out the fact that that living in Pendleton was still going to be a struggle. So decided to buy a house, which has been a never ending adventure. Lesson #89,836 don’t by a house…ever. Just kidding, just make sure the seller is not a pot smoking, indoor cat owner. Or just install a kegerator, it’s cheaper than bottles, and you’ll need some of the finest brews to make it through a major renovation. Actually, skip the beer and hit the whisky.

Here is it, make an offer, I might part with it. Hugh just may not left me after all the work we have done.

Here is it, make an offer, I might part with it. Hugh just may not left me after all the work we have done.

One of the greatest things about being back in the PNW, is leaving the PNW. No offense, but in Oregon specifically, the speed limits suck, you can’t pump your own gas, and goodness all I want is some fresh green chillies and live music. I have enjoyed doing some cross country travels for the National Hereford Women, helping the Colyer family and see some of the best friends a girl could have. 

The Cowboy Rides Away Tour -- Tacoma.

The Cowboy Rides Away Tour — Tacoma.

The one and only Miles McKee.

"Who is that girl wearing pearls at the derby?"

“Who is that girl wearing pearls at the derby?”

If you know my story, you’ll know how fortunate I have been to draw a family that has given me a passion for good cattle. I haven’t been to the ranch or even my mom’s place as much as I’d like, but it’s comforting knowing I can have supper any night of the week with any member of my crazy extended family. I just might have to drive a 100 plus miles.

Christmas afternoon with the ladies.

Christmas afternoon with the ladies.

My favorite place in the world, somewhere down Chandler Lane.

My favorite place in the world, somewhere down Chandler Lane.

I thought settling into Umatilla county would be no big deal, but let me laugh and realign my mindset. It’s been a bigger deal. The state line might as well follow state highway 11, because growing up a county over seems like a foreign country to most. I have learned to introduce myself more ways than I ever have living in various place throughout the country.

Hi, I am Maddee, I am from Cove…oh you don’t know where that is? It’s about 65 miles from here…known for cherries, Moss Springs trail head and Red’s Horse Ranch?
I just moved to town, pardon me, my name is Maddee. Did you go to Blue Mountain Community College? No, nope sure didn’t, I did my juco time at Linn Benton Community College…Ohhhhhh….
You go to Idaho on the weekends? Yes, it’s closer than Portland. You know people over there? Yes, I grew up showing with a lot of people from there…ohhhhh wow…who are you again….

It is also suprising to most that I had never attended a Round-Up prior to moving to town. Crazy, I know, but the world does keep spinning even. But if you dont have plans the second weekend in September,you better make plans to be in town, it is real fun!

We have hit almost every rodeo -- it's a tough job but someone has to be my date for work events.

We have hit almost every rodeo — it’s a tough job but someone has to be my date for work events.

Mom comes too...

Mom comes too…

The saga I left KC with is still continuing. My insurance company is battling the Kansas City Police Department. So hopefully by the first of September 2015 I have a clean record again… And remember kids, don’t get hit by a KC Police Officer on his way to a domestic dispute with 10 other officers. In the meantime, Paula is racking up the miles and we have been busy learning about “how great state of Idaho” is from probably the proudest member of the state and beyond.

It’s been crazy, I miss my KC pals, but it is sure good to be home for the time being! And if you ever get a wild hair, let me know your travels lead to Pendleton!

Correction: And as Tiah said I have been blessed with several news friends! 


4 thoughts on “30,000 Miles and Counting

  1. Tiah D

    Excuse me! You forgot to mention all your new amazing friends! 🙂 #bff I, for one, am very happy you landed in Umatilla County! I Luv Ya!


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