What Really is a Scarecrow?

What really is a scarecrow? 

By definition a scarecrow is an object, usually made to resemble a human figure, set up to scare birds away from a field where crops are growing. Or the informal definition is a person who is very badly dressed, odd-looking, or thin. The archaic definition is an object of baseless fear.

So why would Chipotle use such strong imagery of a coward for their latest fall ad campaign attacking animal agriculture? I have no idea, other than they were out to describe what the organization is out to do, create “baseless fear” into the American food supply. Even Mashable agrees with my opinion of this latest marketing gimmick by Chipotle.

While I do give kudos to the new Chipotle advertising campaign — it’s gorgeous. The art, the music and the campaign are well done. But what does it do, increase hysteria about the safest food supply and animal husbandry practices in the world? Below are are few additional links about the Chipotle ad that you may find interesting.

Following my late to the conversation blog post about the ad, is the latest commercial from Cheerios that I saw as I opened a browser to my favorite Texas Country radio station last week made me revisit my blog. Instantly, I thought either the Red Dirt Rebel is now supporting Chipotle, which is fine for them, but not me… I settled back into my chair and watched the whole commercial without jumping to any more conclusions. I was surprised to discover that Cheerios was using the same type of animation imagery to describe the “goodness” of their multi-grain breakfast product.

What are you thoughts on this type of imagery to market food products? What is Cheerios trying to accomplish through this ad, are they targeting a specific demographic of consumers or is their something else in the works?

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