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Wordless Wednesday–Junior National Season

It’s one of my favorite times of the year–Junior National season! I should probably grow up, but I love youth events!

I had a great time experiencing my first Angus junior national. The professionalism of that program is bar none. This week the American Royal facility is full of those gorgeous white faced Herefords. You can not go wrong with the quality of people, variety of junior activities and opportunities to stick one throughout the week of a Hereford junior national.


Photo from opening session last night.


A Cattlemen’s Prayer

The cattle industry is in an interesting time, the generations removed from agricultural practices are questioning cattle producers freedom to operate. The usual discussions are still there for the industry of high input prices, cattle prices that are a constant roller coaster, drought throughout much of the country, while other areas are dealing with mass amounts of standing water. The test and trails of this business and lifestyle are often more than average person wants to deal with, although the majority of cattlemen and women throughout the country would never trade in their way of life for anything else.

A friend, industry advocate and entertainer sent this song my way last last week. She sent it over for my listening pleasure, and instantly knew I needed to share this great piece.

I am simply giddy over it. Titled A Cattlemen’s Prayer — how couldn’t I be. No matter your take on religion, the song will surely give you chills and hopefully cause to you stop a minute and say a prayer for the lifestyle and dedication it takes to be involved in the American cattle industry.

A Cattlemen’s Prayer is by Take Two Productions, LLC., Cara Ayres & Beth Schreiber, and Duane Chandler 45th Parallel Studios.

Two years ago at Christmas, Duane had us listen to Cara and Beth’s latest recording — Perfect Temple — which was written for the Special Olympics Montana focused around the amazing Temple Grandin. Take a listen at this neat song!

If you have any questions about the work done by  Take Two Productions, LLC., Cara Ayres & Beth Schreiber, and Duane Chandler 45th Parallel Studios do not hesitate to jump over to their webpage and contact them.

Cara and Beth of Take Two Productions, LLC.

Cara and Beth of Take Two Productions, LLC.

Happy listening, and don’t forget to say a prayer for the American cattle ranchers. 

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Wordless Wednesday — American Agriculture

Celebrate America’s independence with all of those involved in American Agriculture. We all have the freedom to choose what we eat and to utilize production practices that are the best for our farms, ranches, animals, crops, families and businesses!

It’s a great country we live in!


Thanks Kim for letting me use your amazing photo!

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