Heifers and Crowns Retirement

When Under the Crown of Agriculture started, it was developed to serve several purposes. Update my existing advocacy blog, a class project and a way for me to partake first hand in what I was conducting graduate research on. Two years later, it still holds stories of it original foundation, but it has new face, trimmed pages and new motivation.

I will be the first to tell you my first year out of school has been anything but fun. Kansas City has been a rough experience; my job has been a roller coaster ride without a lap bar, along with numerous personal battles.

Either way, life goes on. After I came to grips with that, I realized that I had neglected one of my favorite obsessions and passions –– social media and the ability to sharing agriculture information.

The heifers sporting crowns have been retired, but the traditional content has not. I plan to post more links for industry information. Watch for more Soap Box posts, yes, I have been told that people enjoy my rants. Wordless Wednesdays, everyone loves pictures, and yes there is research that proves it. Challenge Fridays were my favorite blog posts, and tragically, these posts were getting traction with readers and I did not follow through.


The heifers have retired to greener pastures.

Thanks for coming back to the Under the Crown of Agriculture blog!

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5 thoughts on “Heifers and Crowns Retirement

  1. Barlee

    Ps. I’m thinking of starting a whole new blog. Shit my boyfriend makes me do, a ranch girls account of dealing with a bachelor rancher

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  2. Ramona Phillips

    Glad to have you back! Our group is still going strong. You can find us on our website… wolfed.org, which will then take you to our growing facebook page. Ramona Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 17:47:01 +0000 To: blacksheepcattle@hotmail.com


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