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Wordless Wdnesday–Making Hay

My Mom’s place is getting close to haying! The grass is green, and the clover is thick!



A Gorgeous Spring Day at the Ranch

The heifers that watched over my blog for two years may have retired, but my love for white faced cattle as not gone to the wayside.

The spring after I graduated in 2010, I was fortunate enough to spend a little over a month in eastern Oregon. That was the longest stint I had spent in almost four years. Presently, it still stands as the longest time frame I have spent in the Northwest since I left for college. And the rare opportunity to go home and bask in the non-humid, mountain air and spend time with some amazing people, is pretty exciting.

Like so many people, I love spring time in eastern Oregon. New life is all around, from the one week a year that the sagebrush is green to the baby lambs nestling in the wool of their mammas, it is a great time of year. Thankfully, I got to run home for a week in April to see some of my favorite people, throw a hugely successful surprise party for my Mom and hang for a short time at the ranch.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the stunning Baker Valley.

Grandpa Charles.

Grandpa Charles.

428528_10100665536167178_2146194717_n copy

C Chandler son.

431841_10100665536042428_858745083_n copy

C Chandler son. He thinks he is pretty sexy.

945414_10100665622404358_63252957_n copy

Moving fall cows down Chandler Lane.

969287_10100665650712628_676007865_n copy

Purple Currency heifer calf.

970097_10100665649599858_352074296_n copy

The legacy of the horn brand.

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Heifers and Crowns Retirement

When Under the Crown of Agriculture started, it was developed to serve several purposes. Update my existing advocacy blog, a class project and a way for me to partake first hand in what I was conducting graduate research on. Two years later, it still holds stories of it original foundation, but it has new face, trimmed pages and new motivation.

I will be the first to tell you my first year out of school has been anything but fun. Kansas City has been a rough experience; my job has been a roller coaster ride without a lap bar, along with numerous personal battles.

Either way, life goes on. After I came to grips with that, I realized that I had neglected one of my favorite obsessions and passions –– social media and the ability to sharing agriculture information.

The heifers sporting crowns have been retired, but the traditional content has not. I plan to post more links for industry information. Watch for more Soap Box posts, yes, I have been told that people enjoy my rants. Wordless Wednesdays, everyone loves pictures, and yes there is research that proves it. Challenge Fridays were my favorite blog posts, and tragically, these posts were getting traction with readers and I did not follow through.


The heifers have retired to greener pastures.

Thanks for coming back to the Under the Crown of Agriculture blog!

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