Junk Gypsy–Wanna Be

When I moved to Kansas City in May, I packed everything I owned in my car and headed to the Midwest. Coming straight out of college meant what little furniture that I did owe was a Target special and was not worth packing 1,100 miles.

When my sister and I arrived we went on a mass search for bargains and treasures of furniture. We found an amazing original Sears and Roebuck dresser and mirror. It needed some love along with the end table and small bookshelf I found.

I ran with a junk gypsy theme of brown, turquoise, and mismatched knobs. My headboard took some serious time to put together. I couldn’t find the materials ceiling tile (under 50 dollars) and windows with glass that would fit the ceiling tin.


Dresser and mirror.


End table


Bookshelf. This piece took a total transformation, it was an awful green.


This is my pride and joy!


This is the start of the major refinishing of the dresser and mirror.


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