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What a Summer!

What a summer!

Forest fires in the Northwestern states, hurricanes in the South, a continued drought in the Southwest, all summer events directly effecting agriculture. A not so typical summer event is the continued drought effecting a majority of the country.

Side note: My labor day weekend adventures were random, and I love random. My random adventures landed me into a Vegas style pool party on the Lake of the Ozarks with another friend who loves agriculture as much as I do. And is didn’t take us long to be launched into in-depth conversation about the nation wide drought and the impact on agriculture. I think we need more hobbies…not likely to happen.

Here are few photos from the summers impact on agriculture.

Hay donations after massive wildfires in South Eastern Oregon. Photo credit Stephanie Falck.

Pair trying to find a dry spot after hurricane Isaac, photo credit Jessica Lester.


My question: How can we be better prepared for these crisis situations in agriculture?