Year One

Well one year ago, I was sitting in Lubbock, Texas at Texas Tech University working on my master’s degree. One of my agricultural communication classes required that we blog for the class, I had already started a blog, but I hated it. I didn’t like my layout, it was unprofessional and I just wasn’t comfortable blogging.

Following that class, I got started writing my thesis about blogs use by agricultural organizations. Needless to say I got over my fear of blogs.

Drumroll…my top five blog posts are…

  1. I Wont Ever Eat Chipotle With Willie…or anyone for That Fact…Again
  2. Pink Slime, For Me Please-Facts for All
  3. My Who’s Who of Agricultural Social Media
  4. Oregon Wolf Education
  5. Good Question McDonalds, “Where does breakfast come from?”

The top two posts were hot topics in the media this year. I will be honest, these topics were so hot at the time and I didn’t have time to put together a solid blog post, so I did what I am good at…I provided resources. These resources were from highly credible people and others who were very active with these media discussions. I also made sure to continually update posts with the latest information that I found. This is something that all of my thesis research pointed out that blog authors don’t do. I hope that some of you found these posts as valid resources.

The blog post that I am the most proud of and I will continue to stand by is Good Question McDonalds, “Where does breakfast come from?” I could not stand the McDonald’s #MeetTheFarmers and #McDStories PR campaign, you can argue both sides of this campaign, but I couldn’t handle it.

There was some great discussion that started with these posts, and I have liked seeing what people are searching for and being driven to my blog.

Thanks for reading! 

I can’t say I have been the best blogger, but it has been a good year!


One thought on “Year One

  1. Ramona Phillips

    Glad to hear that our Oregon Wolf Education was a top blog. We are still going strong after a year and a half. We feel we have had good impact and are now working with groups in California and Washington. Thanks for the update. Ramona Phillips Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 01:56:56 +0000 To:


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