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#ChallengeFriday Summer Sound Track

Some of my favorite memories all are tied to songs.

There always seems to some fun, rather stupid song that just kicks me summer off. This year, I claimed, Call Me Maybe to be that song.

This was followed with my parody of the Harvard Baseball team.

How many great plays on words can there be…I mean it is breeding season and all!

From the Montana Stockgrowers Association


Sexy and I Know It has just continued to be a song that you can help, but to like it…or just sing along with it. This song has become a summer phenomena especially, for my love of agriculture. The Peterson Farm Bros from Saline, Kansas have become a viral YouTube sensation with “I’m Farming and I Grow It.”



I had the opportunity to spend most of the week with the Kansas Livestock Association, Young Stockmen’s Academy, which was a great experience! Being on the road much of the week put me a few days behind my typical social media monitoring. The texts, emails, and Facebook posts were pouring in so I knew I had to watch this video at the first chance I got.  I fell in love with this video, it is s catchy, funny, and yet so real.

Real of the summer life on a farm, an ALL AMERICAN FARM.

If you haven’t checked out this video, I encourage you to do so.


What is your favorite advocacy video on YouTube? Mine is a close tie between the Peterson Brothers and another video that got 30,000 views…and is done by (coughing *Texas A &M). Both are great videos, show casing agriculture…what are your opinions on social media and agriculture?