Thank you Domino’s–Logic and Common Sense

What doesn’t sound more fun than enjoying pizza with your best friends and fellow consumers?

I know I sure enjoyed a pizza party in elementary school, and a random one in one of my last undergraduate classes. This time, a party for good behavior much like it was when I was in elementary school, but this time its the behavior of a major corporation.

Domino’s Pizza has all sorts of fun facts about their organizations, but the greatest fact is they have not succumbed to the pressure of HSUS and their targeted mission against modern animal agriculture. One of my favorite bloggers has this to say about Domino’s:

I was so encouraged to hear that the stockholders of Domino’s Pizza share my stand on animal care. The company announced that it  would rely on animal experts to determine what is the best way to raise an animal that’s being used for food.  As a farmer, I respect Domino’s for its common sense decision and for trusting the experts in animal care.

So join in, and give thanks to Domino’s for using logic and science to guide their decisions about where they source their products from. 

Just like in elementary school, students were rewarded for good grades and good behavior, I am giving Domino’s a gold star and my dollar for this act of behavior.

Copy and share this photo through social media! Thanks to the creators Kelly Rivard and The Truth about Agriculture!


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