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Thank you Domino’s–Logic and Common Sense

What doesn’t sound more fun than enjoying pizza with your best friends and fellow consumers?

I know I sure enjoyed a pizza party in elementary school, and a random one in one of my last undergraduate classes. This time, a party for good behavior much like it was when I was in elementary school, but this time its the behavior of a major corporation.

Domino’s Pizza has all sorts of fun facts about their organizations, but the greatest fact is they have not succumbed to the pressure of HSUS and their targeted mission against modern animal agriculture. One of my favorite bloggers has this to say about Domino’s:

I was so encouraged to hear that the stockholders of Domino’s Pizza share my stand on animal care. The company announced that it  would rely on animal experts to determine what is the best way to raise an animal that’s being used for food.  As a farmer, I respect Domino’s for its common sense decision and for trusting the experts in animal care.

So join in, and give thanks to Domino’s for using logic and science to guide their decisions about where they source their products from. 

Just like in elementary school, students were rewarded for good grades and good behavior, I am giving Domino’s a gold star and my dollar for this act of behavior.

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Moving in the Impala…

Just encase you were wondering how to move all of your worldly belongings in an Impala…
Pack it tightly, neatly, and well like a puzzle. 

No, I can’t I am really going to be rollin’ in my Impala, unless there is a tail wind, watch out! I can say this is not the first time I have done this either, my multiple long distance moves have added another skill to my resume such as, gypsy like moving abilities.  

I am making my first trip with my belongings to the Midwest this evening. Just so turns out my one of my best friends and little sister is graduating this weekend from K-State. So the timing is perfect!

Lessons learned from pulling a trailer completely apply in this situation.

  • Stopping distance due to weight as completely decreased.
  • Blind spots…EVERY WHERE…make wide turns.
  • Signal early.
  • From hauling livestock, sudden stops were not allowed by my mother…”Don’t you even think about setting” those cows up would be my mothers favorite line…drive slow if needed.

Needless to say, this could be a long trip to Manhattan. And I am thankful for limited traffic, and straight roads between Lubbock and Manhattan. 


Mom “check the air pressure in your tires!” Done.


My co-piolt…suitcase.


My roommate said she was impressed with my puzzle packing abilities, and that we got my room put into my car.

Modern American–Modern Agriculture

I am BACCCCK! Ok maybe not for real, but I had a minute, so I thought I would get a blog posted.

I have been neglecting my social media…”life” recently. I have been reading what I have time for, and I picked up on this article that the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance posted on Facebook. The article was written by Steve Chapman, who is a member of the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board and blogs at The article is titled:

Investigating a pig’s life

A firsthand look at modern swine production

Awesome, it perked my attention. Maybe I read it wrong, but I took it as he wrote this from a very framed perspective, the side that supports animal activist groups such as HSUS and PETA. Heck, I might be wrong, but that is how I read it.

Something to keep in mind, he doesn’t mention that pigs will eat their young, if you didn’t know this fact you do now.

Also, the whole point of this blog is based around a conversation I have been having with several people lately. Americans has pushed for a modernized society since the Industrial Revolution. American’s are efficient and effective; I was raised to be this way. Were you? I am OCD about approaching projects, moving across the country….any thing I do with the “what is the most efficient, effective way to do this?” mind set. So why shouldn’t agriculture production be any different?

Why shouldn’t we encourage MODERN
agricultural production practices?

Why are people romanticizing agriculture and food production?