Challenge Friday–Denim

Guess where I am today?

Ok well, some of you will say Maddee, I have no idea…and others will respond ummm Texas?

I am gypsy by nature.

But yes Texas is the correct answer, and today I am working the Texas Cotton Ginners Association Annual Meeting and Trade Show here in Lubbock.

Growing up in Oregon, we don’t produce cotton in that part of the country. Needless to say the first time I saw a cotton module I had no clue what it was. As an intern for Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA) it has been an eye opening experience.

Cotton module still in the field

Today’s Challenge is about all that cotton to you likely wear all the time!

Denim! Is the name of the game around our office as we sell SAFEDenim Jeans out of the Lubbock headquarters. SAFEDenim stands for Sustainable, American, and Friendly to the Environment.

These jeans are produced with all-American grown cotton, which is grown in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico. The cotton is then ginned, and sold a lot of the time to the denim mill (American Cotton Growers) in Littlefield, Texas where it is turned into denim. The jeans are made at the PCCA facility Denimatrix in Guatemala.

Sampling of the All American All Cotton University Branded Jeans

So the challenge, find out where your jeans are made and maybe they trace back to West Texas cotton!

My favorite brand of jeans is Big Star, which utilizes Denim from ACG and then produces the jeans in Los Angels. An all American product helps me justify spending XXX.XX on a pair of jeans.

This video shows how cotton is tuned Ito the jeans you wear. Also, it’s an example of the traceability that PCCA offers producers and consumers.


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