Urgency or Realization?

The last three weeks has been an interesting battle for the beef industry.

Beef Products, Inc. has let go over 650 employees due to the title of ‘pink slime’ being directly attached the to the product lean finely textured beef that this company produces.

Several articles I read related to this media controversy have discussed the wants of the American population to know more about the food they consume.

Raw food production is not pretty, and I am excited to see what the multiple generations of Americans have to say about agricultural production practices and processing. The industrial revolution changed everything, and I am not sure where people have missed this fact. We are now facing two and three generations of American citizens that have no connection to agricultural practices.

Now with that, is there a way to get back to our agricultural roots, do people even want too?
Or do they just want to know more about how food is produced? Or neither? 

The Agriculture Proud blog brought up several good points about those involved in production agriculture must continue to be involved telling the story of production practices.

While the Real Time Farms blog posted an interesting post about meeting your meat! You choose the animal you want to eat and then slaughter it––I really wish I could have gone to this tourist attraction and agricultural tour when I was in Hawaii last summer.

So agriculturalist and consumers, is this a sign that we need to act urgently or is this a realization for everyone where food comes from and is produced?

The video is about an interesting couple that is getting back to their roots and are encouraging others to do it as well.

Experiencing the circle of life and all its bounties is one I enjoy to the fullest, but we live in a different world, one powered by modernization and more mouths to feed than every before. I am taking suggestions on thoughts on this growing issue in America. 

Photo courtesy of Hannah Wine Photography


2 thoughts on “Urgency or Realization?

    1. Maddee Post author

      Keep doing great things Ryan!

      I love to share other bloggers and information. I can say all I want, but well it’s the same reason I wasn’t successful when I was collegiate livestock judger, I have so much to say it just comes out as word vomit. So if someone else has already said it, I can share it and agree with it, or build a conversation from there.


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