Unemployment and Food Safety


UPDATE: 600+ out of work. 

So I love knowing that when food is prepared and processed properly, the chances of becoming sick from food related illness are minimal. I also enjoy knowing that agricultural industries are continuing to employ 14% of the American workforce.

Beef Products, Inc. announced today that they are closing their Garden City, Kansas plant immediately.

This closure is going to effect 236 employees today, likely more are to come.

I hope you chose to be educated on the facts of “Pink Slime” or as it should be known as “Lean Finely Textured Beef.”

The American Meat Institue had this to say about the plant closures today:

Congratulations, ABC World News.  Your relentless coverage and uninformed criticism of a safe and wholesome beef product has now delivered a hook for yet another nightly news broadcast.

Today, a three-week war waged on a beef product called lean finely textured beef came to a painful head as hundreds of people lost their jobs when one of the primary processors shuttered three plants.  While lean finely texture beef was given a catchy and clever nickname in ‘pink slime,’ the impact of alarming broadcasts about this safe and wholesome beef product by Jamie Oliver, ABC News and others are no joke to those families that are now out of work.


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