Agricultural Industry Awards–Facilitating Learning

A brief morning creep of other blogs and social media outlets lead me to an older post about the 2011 Outstanding Young Farmers.

In part of National Ag Day events, the 2011 Outstanding Young Farmers, Chad and Danielle Budy, discussed their operation in Oklahoma. Listen here to an AgWired interview by Chuck Zimmerman.

I love these award programs in agriculture; they showcase people who are doing great things within agriculture. Also, they bring attention to new ideas.

Whether it is a cow-calf operation in Nebraska or citrus producer in Florida, we all have something to learn from each other. Each agricultural operation is different, no two management schemes are the same, and with that there are tips and ideas that we all can take home and enact in our own operations. Many of these award programs present leaders and great stewards of the land, produce, and animal agriculture. The award-recipients are given a stage to describe how they see agriculture and their impact on a specific industry.

The stereotype of the old farmer who is going to keep doing what he wants to do and how he knows how to do is very much still prevalent in today’s agriculture industries. Yet, the next generation of agricultural producers are appear to be ready to take on a challenge, excited to embrace the next wave of technology, and will take a close look at innovate production practices.

Do you know any of these elite agricultural producers in your area? If so, what are they doing different, how are they raising the bar, and thinking outside of the mentality “this is how my grand-dad did it, so that is how I am going to do it as well.”

And have you taken on a personal mission to continually learn and improve your operation or how to give access to these ideas to other producers?  

The 2011 NOYF winners are, from left: John & Stacy Melick, NJ; Ryan & Michelle Keller, WI; Orion Samuelson, NOYF Emcee; Danielle & Chad Budy, OK; Dawn & Joe Geremia, CT
Photo from OYF website.


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