Challenge Friday–Advocacy and Respect

Challenge Friday

Let’s just say after this week in social media land (my new favorite term), I almost want to just shut my phone off, donate my computer to my Mother, and head to the wilderness.

Side note, the technical wilderness starts about fifty yards from my Mother’s house…I probably wouldn’t last long. 

I guess a girl can’t give up though. My Daddy raised me better than that.

So on that note, today’s Challenge Is:

I believe that food is a personal and emotional choice. We all have the right to choose, and American agriculture has given us bountiful options to make the choice that is right for each of us.

Would you please leave me a comment letting me know how you are advocating and being respectful of others opinions about American agriculture and the food we are all consuming. Or if you think I am totally off base with this idea or concept. I know there are still lots of hungry people in this country, and throughout the world, but education is the first step to other taking an active role in their personal food choices.

I think I am really funny, so I hope you see my limited humor in this.


7 thoughts on “Challenge Friday–Advocacy and Respect

  1. WineePamela

    I agree with you. I am for freedom of food choice. Consumers are blessed to be able to get what they want in this country. True, some may have to seek out some of their food item choices. But it is available. The shelves are not bare. People should respect freedom of food choice and not try to force others to conform to their choice either thru fear, guilt or eliminating those other choices.

  2. Darcy

    So last night as we were closing the office down and getting ready to leave….someone asked me “So what is up with this “Pink Slime” they’ve had on the news?”

    And because of your blog…and the Beef Daily blog…I was able to give an educated answer that was based on fact and science. And I could accurately describe the process in which this lean beef product is produced and the products it’s made in to.

    So thanks for keeping up the education effort. It may seem like you’re only affecting a few people. But if they can affect a few more people…and they affect a few more people. Well – that’s an ag knowledge snowball.

    We can only hope for that kind of storm! 🙂 Keep up the good work Maddee!

  3. Lacey Katelyn

    I find that funny. Really funny actually, hahaha. I respect people’s opinions about organics, pesticides, corporation and local farming and other issues. I encourage education and at the end of the day, I vote with my most weighty ballot–currency. I choose certain products based on their production methods, including cage free eggs.


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