Wholly Media Week


Let me start this post with, this might be a little all over the place, so hold on. 

What a week for American agriculture in the media.

On Monday night I arrived back to the LBK from a fun-filled weekend in Kansas. My mini spring break, I know you are probably thinking, “really Kansas is an inland state with no beaches, what kind of college student are you?” I have a special spot in my heart for Kansas and K-State, so it was GREAT!

I didn’t get a picture of it, but I loved the signs by the Kansas Agri-Women, that state “1 Kansas Farmer Deeds 128 People (and that number had been changed several times).

I stole this photo from another blogger...thanks TilTheCowsCome

Kansas Agri-Women is an organization that is high on my list of doing great things, thank you!

Traveling always leads to a pile of laundry.

Sitting on my bed watching the evening news following my arrival home, and in the process of tossing everything out my suitcase, I was stopped dead in my launch of dirty clothes. The beef, pork, and lamb industries had fallen under attack from the mainstream media.

Now I went through the study, it looked to be reasonably well done. My major issue was the old data that they used, and that this data was not collected with the intentions of proving that red meat consumption was bad for you. The link above directs right to the study so you can check the facts for yourself.

There is two sides to every story that the media reports, and that this study is allowed to be scrutinized. And if it wasn’t not allowed to be, we wouldn’t be researching ANYTHING, EVER.

  • LA Times Article (I love what the LA Times has reported on about agriculture, they play both sides of the story, but this week well it made me a little sick.) This blog calls out the issues within it. She has two other follow up posts that are good reads.
  • Super blog post that discusses both sides of the issue.
  • Check out the Beef Daily blog for a great blog post on this issue.

It also reminds me of something that a one of my research participants said:

“American agriculture has nothing to hide, and I am not sure why we have been operating like secret society.”

Next major media story of the week:

The Lean Finely Trimmed Textured Ground Beef media blunder is also on the minds of many Americans. If you missed my blog post with numerous resources please check it out.

Today’s animal agriculture related story:

And today…I am not totally up on the whole “Luck” TV scandal, but it will continue to make news for the next week or so. PETA and HSUS is involved. What I heard briefly from an interview with the California State Vet was that he wished all of the horse industry was as well documented and cared for as the horses were on this television show. My first thought was well, dont horses die on the track every once in a while? I mean I could be so wrong, but horse racing is an interesting world, I will leave it at that.

And thank you all for your encouraging words about my mission of education and advocacy, it means more me to me than you know! 


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