Challenge Friday–AgFact Friday

Challenge Friday, or Fun Fact Friday?

Yesterday was National Ag Day. I still believe, that everyday is Ag Day even if it’s not a declared holiday. If you eat, wear clothing, drive on roads, use cosmetics, or other various household goods, it all comes from a product of agriculture production.

Agriculture is always around you. Now my stance on various aspects of production agriculture may be different than yours, and that’s great! Every facet of agriculture needs support; I just ask this week more than any other to remember to be respect of others choices.

Now, for the challenge of Friday March 9, 2012

What is your fun AgFact? Leave me a comment telling me something new, exciting or personal. Please include sources if you can.

Have a wonderful Friday, and remember to those who make our modern lives possible.


Can you name this Valley? And the major ag products produced here?


6 thoughts on “Challenge Friday–AgFact Friday

  1. Zach Riley

    “Hamburger meat from 1 steer would equal 720 quarter-pound hamburgers, enough for a family of 4 to enjoy hamburgers each day for nearly 6 months.”

    1. Maddee Post author

      Its the Grande Ronde Valley looking from Cove towards Mount Emily. Mint, sugar beats, canola, grass seed, and wheat are produced there.


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