Ag Week Continues–So I Guess It Was Worth It

National Agriculture Week—Continues…

Did you read today’s AgFact? 

Here is an example of a member of the production agriculture community typical day this time of the year.

One of my best friends from high school is not active on social media, but his darling wife is. I asked her if she had any luck keeping Jake in line and how calving was going…she responded with

“Things are good, and your right, there is no such thing as keeping him in line lol. I woke up to twin calves in my house this morning because of him lol. So far the calving is going pretty well. We only had trouble with one, a c-section at 1:30 in the morning! They are both alive and going though so I guess it was worth it!”

 So I guess it was worth it…

Calves on the porch, little sleep, but its worth it, because all animals are alive and well. Not a typical morning wake up call for the majority of America.

Either way, have you thanked a Farmer, Rancher, or whatever they may call themselves as a producer of the food and clothing you ware everyday?

Heifer calf that is now an active cow in my small herd.


2 thoughts on “Ag Week Continues–So I Guess It Was Worth It

  1. Karlee

    Thank you Madeline for making me excited when I look out into a field of Herefords and think “oh SO CUTE” and you are welcome for the noodles you eat 🙂


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