Challenge Friday–Share the Resources

The first Friday of March should signify something right? Spring is getting close, flowers will be blooming, crops will be planted (when mother nature allows), and beautiful white face calves will be hitting the ground (or any color, but I am partial).

Either way, I am going to kick of March with asking a question. Not to you the faithful blog reader, but to the Center for Food Integrity and their blog called Best Food Facts.

The Center for Food Integrity started the blog called Best Food Facts with the hopes of creating a running tab of agricultural resources from the leading researchers in the field. Anyone can ask a question, about anything related to food and agriculture.

So here is the Challenge for Friday March 2, 2012.

Go ask a question on the website, and then share this website with your friends, family, and social media network. This organization wants to become the WebMD of food, so lets help them! Don’t be scared, start asking, the organization and the panel of researchers want to answer your questions––we are all consumers!

Here was my question:

What is the hormone level in beef compared to that of other animal protein products? With that how does an animal that has been implanted with synthetic hormones excrete those hormones? 
I honestly dont know the direct answer to this, so I figured what better way to find out than asking an expert. 

I hope you will check out this new website that was launched this week by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), it is called Know Your Farmer, Know your Food Compass.

Again, SHARE these resources!
Consumers want to know about the food they are purchasing so let’s share with them!

Example of asking a question on 


4 thoughts on “Challenge Friday–Share the Resources

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    1. Maddee Post author

      That is an awesome question. I have done some digging around and I am still working on compiling the information. I have also reached out to Best Food Facts to get a university researches insight. I’ll keep you posted!


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