Good Question McDonalds, “Where does breakfast come from?”

McDonalds has raised a good question “Where does breakfast come from?” Unfortunately, they didnt answer the question in their latest commercial. 

Well, I know where breakfast comes from; I know that less than two percent of America’s population is working to put food on the table and into every McDonalds restaurant.

I don’t know what percentage of McDonalds food products are made up of American grown agricultural products or what percent is foreign. What I do know is that the organization launched a huge campaign earlier this year talking about how great their American producers of beef, lettuce, and potatoes are.

Watch the commercial.

Now, where does breakfast come from? From the fields, farms, and processing facilities across the country to feed you? Nope, from some made up fairy tale land of wheat fields and a restaurant according to the story line of the commercial.

Would someone please explain to me the marketing plan behind this commercial? If this organization just spent gobs of money on improving their image and their use of American agricultural products, why doesn’t the story line of this commercial say there are some farmers in Washington that grow the wheat that is in the biscuit you are about to eat. Hog producers in the Midwest working hard everyday to ensure that they are caring for their animals to produce a high quality product that is nutritious and delicious. The cheese and milk that you consume is likely to be produced right here in California, as your home state is the number one dairy producing state in the country (the car in the commercial has California plates). And let’s talk about those eggs, a chicken farmer has laying hens likely in Pennsylvania that are raised with their soul purpose to provide you with a high protein food source. Orange juice that is as bright as the sun is likely to come from the sunshine state of Florida. We should thank the farmers who feed us, clothe us, and give of themselves unselfishly as an unrecognized public servant.

Yes, farmers and ranchers are out to make a profit on an operation, but doesn’t everyone want a paycheck at the end of every pay period? This is a whole other topic that I will save for another Soapbox blog.

Why did McDonalds not again improve the image of their American producers of the highest quality agricultural products?

My opinion: McDonalds needs to figure out a solid public relations campaign that would allow for consistent messaging to all of their publics. Not a message that supports the Human Society of the United States (HSUS), and the American farmers and ranchers whose operations are fighting against this organization. Why is McDonalds just not telling the real story of where their products come from? It would assist their target publics or consumers knowledge of food production and then just maybe, they will be able to really answer the question of “Where does breakfast come from?”

Sorry McDonalds, count me out on enjoying your food from this point on. I will eat it if I have to, but I will not consciously make the choice to indulge in your poor marketing schemes and inability to stand on your own feet as a major U.S. based restaurant. 

Nom Nom...Thank You American Farmers and Ranchers who made this food possible.


5 thoughts on “Good Question McDonalds, “Where does breakfast come from?”

    1. Maddee Post author

      I was brushing my teeth when I saw this commercial and I was astonished. There is mixed messages being sent from this organization and it’s not ok.

    1. Maddee Post author

      Haha, well thank you. I literally, was floored by this commercial. Between the latest claims against the proven science for swine production and this makes me wonder if McDonalds know really where their products from from.

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