Challenge Friday

Challenge Friday

I am starting this new blog theme on Fridays for all of my faithful blog followers to participate in, if you so choose. It will be called Challenge Friday. Whatever the call to action is, I hope you will partake. It wont be anything I wouldn’t do myself, as the leader of this blog, I will have to have done it myself, prior to posting the blog. So let’s get this inaugural Challenge Friday started!

How much positive mainstream media does American agriculture get? I don’t have the answer for that (again another possible research topic…). But what I do know is that USA Today published a positive article about the economy and jobs tied to agricultural production.

The comments attached the article are showing the various sides of agriculture, but we all have to eat. So someway, shape, or form people are always supporting American agriculture, and well agriculture industries as a whole.

So my challenge is to you, my trusty blog readers, to comment back on this article. Let’s show the USA Today readers that agriculturalists care! And if you are not involved in agriculture, what is your favorite part of American agriculture, or whatever your opinion maybe. I don’t care if it’s a two-word response, but I hope we can make a small movement to show that those involved in production agriculture are paying attention.

I commented, here is my response:

My response to the article, what will yours be?


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