Consumer Knowledge and Opinions of the Food Industry

We are all consumers, whether we are raising the corn that is in almost every processed product or the beef that is in a fast-food hamburger, at some point we are all consuming products.

Do you have worries or wonder how a product came to be that you are serving to your  family? I know I do, but I also know where the resources are to find the answers.

Following my blog post “I Wont Ever Eat Chipolte with Willie..or Anyone for That Fact…Again” I think this is a fitting chart (see below) to show consumer concern and questions about the food industry. I question companies like Chipolte whose mission is to use sustainable produced animal proteins or organics. Which is a great intention, but here is the deal we cannot feed the world on organics or naturally produced food (whatever that means), Michael Pollan even said so himself. So is pushing this agenda item ethical?

Personally, I dont think the “benefits” of eating organics out way the premium price from choosing these products over conventionally produced products.

This is my opinion, and food is a personal, and emotional choice, so heck, I dont care what you chose. It is all supporting agriculture. 

I was having the discussion with myself over this consumer information, and who would be willing to sponsor the research funding to find out these answers. Thankfully a united front for U.S. Farmers and Ranchers called the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance did just that. I saw this chart of Facebook from Ag Media 101.


So what are your opinions, concerns, or comments regarding food production and consumption in this country? Are the major agribusiness companies going to make us all obese or starve us all death in the end? (Opinion of many concerning the current state of the “whole story” of agriculture–see blog comments).

Additional reading: Bill Gates discussion of the green revolution and the advancement of agricultural technologies.


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