Oregon Wolf Education

I am behind the times.

I was aware that billboards had gone up in and around Eastern Oregon to make it known what the impact of wolves really has been to a private land owners. But I had not done any more research.

Last night a video was posted on to Facebook of the only known video footage of OR-7, a wolf who at one time was a member of the Imnaha pack in Wallowa County, and is now wandering. By wandering I mean the wolf is in Northern California.

A group of women in Wallowa County have founded Oregon Wolf Education to educate the public about the impact that the wolves have had on livestock producers and other private land owners. You might consider supporting this organization message and cause.

I encourage you to watch the video work done by Marc Bales and Pahsimeroi Pictures; a Wallowa County based company and makes your own decision about this issue in the Northwest.

 To all my friends in the livestock business, all of my thoughts and prayers go to out to you and your operations, stay safe.

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