Soap Box–Sorry!

Just had the thought that well I should really be working on my thesis, I just need to write three pages today and I will feel so accomplished. Today’s blog post is laced with my opinion, little facts, so please read the article and make your own decisions.


Today at 10:30am the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) will be releasing photo and video footage of animal abuse in a factory farming situation. Reminder: HSUS is not your local shelter, SUPPORT your LOCAL shelter! Keep your eyes open for this story.

I am interested how this will be fought or dealt with.


First article of the day to read: Chicago Tribune’s coverage of new legislation that did not pass in Florida, but we will be brought to lawmakers in Nebraska and Iowa. This legislation would make it a crime for undercover investigators, such as HUSU, PETA, ALF, Mercy for Life to conduct these type investigations without knowledge or consent within agriculture.

Side note: If these people find a problem, get the proof, get out, and work to correct the situation if there really are animals or people for that fact suffering.  

FACT: Oregon and wolves, same story different day, right?


Sorry to my loyal readers, this is an issue greatly affecting my home state, family, friends, and agriculture. The latest article by Oregon Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) President Curtis Martin was released yesterday in the Oregonian.

Martin makes some valid statements, and comments that are very unique to the situation in Oregon. The state of Oregon is what I would term to be “fragile”, and you have to handle the state and environmental issues very carefully. Martin’s comments discuss Oregon cattlemen’s impact on the states economy, environment, and dedication to stewardship.

 Side note: I think our society; much less this one state takes things to a whole new level of sensitivity. 

My sister is a character! It was funny, but is this really a laughing matter?


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