A Little Hot Toddy…

Oh my undergrad years…it seems so long ago. Really its been like two years, but let me tell you grad school is just not the same.

One of my favorite memories, along with a million others, took place in my kitchen in Corvallis. We all know that kitchens should be the largest room in the house as everyone gathers there. My first college home was no different, we ate, we drank, we sang, played games and most of laughed.

Coming off of winter work out the majority of my judging team was pretty sick. I personally felt like death. After a day of classes and reasons in preperations for Denver, we (the eight girls on the team and a herd of other friends) decided that the only logical way to beat the nasty pre-Denver crud was to have a hot toddy. So I did what ever logical college student would do, I googled how to make one.

Well it was a success, I started feeling better along with the help of numerous over the counter medications we (the team) made it through Denver. We did however receive a string of texts from one of my roommates who had caught the nasty cold that we all had. She was left in Corvallis, which is one of the coldest, wettest places I have ever been, and walking to campus in January is never a good option. Well the roommate who shall not be named, informed all of us that she had consumed to many hot toddies prior to 8:00am and would be walking to campus due to the fact she was not legal to drive. So please use caution when consuming this recipe.


Enough boiling or warm water to fill mug 3/4 full

1 Shot whiskey (be careful!)

1 T. Honey

1 Cinnamon tea bag

1/4 C. Sprite or 7-Up


Boil water.

Place whiskey, honey, and soda POP into the mug, drape tea bag into the cup.

Once the water boils or is to a warm enough temprature pour over the tea bag, stir and enjoy!



4 thoughts on “A Little Hot Toddy…

  1. eburnsthompson

    Our family also brought home the infamous “Denver crud” this year. I had never heard of a “hot tottie” until just recently but I must say they really do work. I would recommend using the new Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey!

    1. Maddee Post author

      I had to resort to antibotics and well of course a hot tottie. I think they are an excellent addition to a quick night time read or you know that thing called a thesis. You are braver than I am, I cant touch JD…I am Pendleton girl myself.

  2. Darcy

    Well who knew? I always thought a hot toddie was whatever drink you wanted to drink before dinner….and after a day’s work! Thanks for teaching me something new!


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