Final pictures from the NWSS

I love instagram about as much as I love Hereford cattle and a livestock show.

 I will continue to say it, there is no better industry to work in or be apart of, the people make it worth the long hours, little sleep, stress, and at the moment sickness.


Quote from a lady from Norway who had never seen a cow “Is this cow sedated to be so calm?” My response “No, ma’ma she is a Hereford, they are naturally calm.”


Show day.


It must be the life to be a show heifer…


The Colyer crew working on Chandler before his class.


Heifer show day.

I am thankful for it all! I would have never guessed that showing cattle would have influenced my life the way it has, and I wouldn’t change a minute of it! Learning to operate as a fluid team, figuring out the tricks of the trade to doctor and fit cattle, and laugh at it all when something goes wrong– are a few of the many lessons learned on the road.


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