Live from the National Western

Well this is my first blog from my iPhone…amazing how technology influences our lives at every angle.

This is my fifth NWSS stock to attend in the last six years. It is hard to miss this event as its been going on 106 years. Like most of my blogs, cattle is the reason for this post.

My Grandpa Charles grew up at this show, he will tell you stories about sorting the strings of cattle to make the carloads, taking the train from Oregon to Denver, and the great Mark Donald bull. I love those stories, they are part of the reason I love this show so much.

On that note, again it’s amazing how much the times have changed yet, we are still here for the same reason to show cattle. Great Hereford cattle at that!

I love my iPhone…and the instagram app! Here are a few shots from the week: ColyerChandler bull, Sullivan’s Supply going el-natural and well my great discovery of vented snow pants!







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