Hereford Reunion Turned Slightly Sheepy

About eight years ago I was sitting around a camp trailer listening to the Eastern Oregon Livestock Saturday rodeo performance coming to a close. I was chatting with my parents, family friends and one giggly lady who I did not know. We were discussing my first stock show as a Hereford breeder. I told my parents that I had been made fun of a lot by my friends for having a horned heifer. As usual I didn’t care, I was proud of my heifer, Annie.

About this time a this lady who had been wearing a smile on her face the whole time as we had been sitting in the hot June sun, turned to me and said, are you Maddee Moore? She straightened up in her seat when I said why, yes I am. That was my first introduction to the one and only Kim Jacobs.

The conversation turned quickly to the Oregon Junior Hereford Association and that they wanted me to get involved with the organization, I was excited at the opportunity to have a few more shows to hit that summer and new friends to make. Kim also alluded to the fact that they had brought my name up to be crowned the next queen. My parents quickly shook their heads at this idea, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming. Kim and another amazing lady Cassie Sullivan kept after me for the next few years. These two ladies helped me to forage many opportunities within the OJHA.

Over the years we have all managed to stay in contact and get together more often than a weddings or random rodeos. Thankfully, we were able to meet up while I was home this last week. We had a great supper with another great Hereford friend and my sister. The video was quickly passed around the table of sheep wearing plaid and other assortments. We just laughed and laughed at this video. Cassie insisted that I post it to my blog! So I hope you get a good kick out of it!

Kim and family have what I would term a COLLECTION of sheep. So this video clip is fitting for Kim’s latest adventures in life. Best of luck with those wild woolies!

Harrods’ video for Wool—Sheepish


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