Oregon State University-Community Agriculture Literacy

Editorial Posting

What a week for editorials in the Corvallis, Oregon Gazette Times. It was brought to my attention on Tuesday evening of an editorial about the Oregon State University (OSU) College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) program was yet again under attack from a member of the community.

This time the writer happens to be completely uneducated about the actual practices at Oregon State University. Here is a screen shot of her note, but my thought, don’t write something like this with some facts.

I am going to answer her questions/statements:

Question 1: Why isn’t this lady pushing for the addition of a new degree program in the CAS? Doesn’t she want to fund that program?

Question 2: OSU does have a Food Science program. I am guessing that if they had the funding and a researcher interested in “improve the safety and nutrition value of meat, milk, and eggs” wouldn’t they be conducting researcher in that field? Ms. Sams please contact the department to find out more information.

That’s right, the CAS took major budget cuts, combine departments, resources and cut back on programs. I am not sure which researchers are in the Food Science department right now, but I bet they are working for every penny they get from the university and outside sources to continue any type of research.

Question 3: I am pretty sure that the Animal Science degree plan is intended to “promote the humane husbandry of food animals”. So unless she is saying she needs to be instructing classes on this, I think it’s covered.

Question 4: Again, “reduce environmental pollution and conserve natural resources” they are working on this! Please research the appropriate contact on the colleges’ website.

Question 5: Yet again, this statement goes back to research. Also, a niche market that needs help developing products, marketing publics and other resources better be forking up some money for the college to yet again help them by doing research “broaden economic opportunities for family farmers, including the development and preservation of niche markets”!

OSU College of Agricultural Sciences is a major land-grant university, therefore they are responsible for conducting research and engaging students to think about the future. That is their job, not to solve every problem known to man.

There is a big difference in how manure is handled and how FEED, a livestock FEED is handled. Silage must be kept airtight to not grow mold, that’s the reason it’s kept in the white plastic tubes. Manure is typically spread over the fields to replace nitrogen.

I don’t understand what she is trying to get at in the second paragraph; modern dairy production takes place in a barn.

I will that the Swine facilities agree this facility needs to be renovated! Either way, the pigs are happy and cared for. Yet again pigs are kept in barns in modern facilities, plus this pigs have way more space to move around in than modern pig facilities so big happy for the gilts, sows, barrows and boars! Also, if I were a pig in Western Oregon and you kept me outside, I would fear for my life in an endless mud pit, send me to the climate controlled facility any day.

Who in the world is this woman quoting?

OSU is home to a broiler facility and feed facility.

I say this woman needs a firm education in modern agriculture production. If she is interested in niche markets that will not feed the world I encourage her to found her own small research facility that will further the advancement of personal food production. I am glad she wrote this as it serves as a reminder to us all that we must continue to educate those around us on the difference in feeding the world and feeding our selves out of our backyards.


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