Public Relations Professionals-Do Your Research

I should be working on my take home mid-term for my Public Relations Theories and Cases classes right now, but I had to take a minute to blog about this reading I just did.

In the last four weeks of the semester, I have gained a new appreciation for those working in public relations, it takes more work and more research than I thought. My professor has made me a believer in scholarly research and that sometimes corners get cut in the industry, but there is no excuse not to be doing CORRECT and UNBIASED research.

A required reading for classes was Broom’s Cutlip & Center‟s Effective Public Relations during the second week. after I read the chapter I was livid. Those of you who know me, know that I love to talk, I love to talk even more if I know something about the subject matter. The subject of bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE is something that was lectured to me over and over again when I was in junior high. I learned early on that the United States stopped feeding animal by-products to animals, such as meat, bone and blood meal as soon as it was linked to disease in animals. Therefore we had limited outbreaks of the disease in cattle and humans in the US.

Here is a great website that sets the current facts straight: BSE Info

Back to my take home test, chapter 7 of the book Cutlip & Center‟s Effective Public Relations by Broom (a leading researcher in PR), discusses BSE and the episode that the Texas Cattle Feeders had with Oprah. He states that beef industry is closed system, which it may be, but I feel like the industry has learned some valuable lessons lessons in the last few years and is becoming more “proactive” not “reactive” as they would say in PR terms.

Let me know what you think these two paragraphs are saying about the beef industry.


Science really? Who did their research or is this a biased presentation of scholarly information?

Here is the APA citation for the book that these two paragraph came from.

Broom, G. M. (2009). Cutlip & Center‟s effective public relations. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. [Chapter 7: “Theoretical underpinnings: Adjustment and adaptation”].


Side note: as I was working on research for my thesis last weekend I had the thought why cant this be as much fun Samantha has on Sex and the city? Be prepared for more exciting facts about public relations and blogs in the future.

UPDATE: I emailed my PR professor to explain Broom’s bias presentation of this crisis, I didn’t get any brownie points, but he now likes me and I did some educating for agriculture. This is following my epic fail of taking a quality picture of a HSUS members bag on campus. I made a fool of myself, whats new! I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday, I am back to finishing my test.


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