Oregon State Fair or Red Raider Classic

2008 Oregon State Fair

My New Mexico Lady Meme

The month of August always seems to tie my family to a livestock event or two. The third weekend always is spent either packing the trailer, clipping or grabbing those last minute items in town before we trek to the state capital or we are already in Salem for the Oregon State Fair. This well neither of those things happened this year, instead we went to Hawaii as a family. Quite the change of pace if you ask me!

The Hawaii pictures will be up this week I hope!

As a member of the Agriculture Education and Communication Graduate Organization (AECGO) the yearly fundraiser is to host a one-day, two-ring lamb jackpot show. I have to say I got a great job of taking taking pictures of great lambs and super kids this last weekend.

Being a grad student not on assistantship has made my experience in grad school different; it sure has not been what I had imagined! I am grateful for what I have learned in the last year, but I would not advise anyone to go into a masters program in agriculture without an assistantship. This was my first time getting to see many of my fellow grad students since our mini summer break while doing something that most of us grew up doing, showing livestock. As well as the brief opportunity to chat with friends that I spent many quality moments with in the Texas Tech University Animal and Food Sciences department classes, events and organizations.

Oregon State Fair (OSF) was a big jump in my life, I had moved from the big shows(I am being very sarcastic) in Eastern Oregon to a State, Regional and depending on the year a National scale of livestock competition. The OSF was the show that launched me into chasing my dreams, making friends, connections and helped me focus my goals of raising quality cattle. So it is always bitter sweet not to be in Salem this time of year. With that showing livestock not only shaped my life, but so many of my fellow grad students lives as well.

Welcome to Texas Tech University Home of CHAMPIONS

When I toured Tech, Kayla Rathmann was sure to lead me into the livestock arena, it was evident then that the banner than hung in the middle of the arena really did mean something, but it means even more now. This is one of my favorite shots of the day with Chelsea and the banner. This banner reads Welcome to Texas Tech University Home of Champions. Chelsea was a member of the 2010 Livestock Judging Team and the National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team, I think its fitting.

Major thought of the day: Do not, I repeat DO NOT stop showing until you leave the ring.

Check out my photos page for a few other shots!


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