Wrapping Up ACOM5308

Enjoyment is a word that I would use to describe my entire college career. This does include the worst biology instructor and failing a class and countless breakdowns. I will never say I am brilliant, but I have a work ethic that as taught me to have fun with what I am doing, because it’s all a learning process. My second summer session class, Utilizing Emerging Media, has made me think and work, all while gaining so much from this four-week course. Below are my three most important concepts, ideas or principles that I have taken from this course.

Should you or your business have a social media presence? Next question, are you ready to maintain this added responsibility? 

Social media is something that needs constant attention to reap the benefits of these tools. There are 300,000 accounts added Twitter each day, while a percentage of those users never tweet. Businesses and other entities use these social media tools often, some with little regard to the time and attention that online accounts need. The harm that could be done to any operations or businesses reputation by not responding to comments, questions or other postings could potentially be detrimental. People are using social media and the internet to shop, research, voice their concerns and ask questions all the time. The general public loves feedback and having a personal connection with an online entity. If these types of relationships are built through social media and little is done to maintain them it could potentially lead to the loss customers and some online rankings. These tools may not be right for every business, if an operation manager or owner has the desire or sees the need for online presence, there must be an understanding. An understanding of, that if you or your business cannot be dedicated to the time that is needed to be active online, don’t become a static profile.

Which is better personal or professional or both?

Southwest Airlines and a few other companies are integrating their personal and professional profiles throughout social media sites. The staff members in charge of maintaining social media for various companies want to insist that a personal touch is very important to their companies. What is to far or to much? Should the company logo be used at all times in social media or should a picture of a real person represent the company?  Is using “I” in tweets or status verse saying “us, we or company name”? My opinion, determine what the role of the social media channel is to be. My personal Facebook and blog are personal while still have a professional tone. My Twitter is aimed at being a tool to interact with other professionals and tweet information that I see as valid for the industries that I am interested in.

The tools are endless, so experiment!

For the last month we have discussed, explored and designed within various social media tools. Some of these tools are the most highly used, newly developed and just interesting, but we did not even touch the tip of this huge social iceberg. If you are interested in social media, explore to see which of the hundreds of sites fits your taste, interests and where your friends may be. From photography, gaming, general social sites to a blog on everything, your choices are endless. The new options in social media are easy to find, resources on current technology and websites are as vast as the options themselves. Always remember if you are not going to maintain your social media presence close your account.


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