My Who’s Who of Agriculture Social Media

Welcome to the technology age, when talking about typewriters the other day with my boss he said “I really feel old now” I responded with “don’t worry technology is changing so fast I feel old too!” I don’t think that helped his case any, but its true. If you are not on and or involved social media, plan on getting left behind. Agriculture is not slacking in this department; check out my top 10 social media embracing organizations or websites!

I love Farmers

Really, who doesn’t a love farmer! The Cal-Poly students are active in social media on a variety of fronts spreading the message of American agriculture to the next generation. I Love Farmers are active on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. They have a roll of videos that are hosted off of their own site.

Animal Agriculture Alliance

Want to know something about animal agriculture? Want to become a member and support the cause of animal agriculture education? Great, this is just the organization for you! They are active on a variety of fronts with a variety of industries in mind. Animal Ag Alliance easily navigates anyone to the social media tools that the organization utilizes under the “multimedia tab”.

American Royal

I love a good livestock show, the American Royal from what I can tell ranks in the top of the major livestock shows in the country that are embracing social media. Follow them on Twitter and be sure to Like the American Royal page on Facebook.

The Hand that Feeds U.S.

The Hand that Feeds U.S. a project of Farm Policy Fact, which is a coalition created to educate Congress and Americans about agriculture’s contribution America. This project website is said to be an educational resource for urban media from the coalition. I enjoy the website and all of the action that surround this organization.

Beef Board

The National Beef Board internet home is located at this website. The beef checkoff dollars fund this site and the social media activities that the board participates in. There is no reason not to know a little about the checkoff program and a variety of fun beef facts!

American Quarter Horse Association

Holy Quarter Horse, if you are not a fan of the AQHA you are missing out. This organization is busy with give-a-ways and other contests through their social media outlets. Also, they are constantly sending out information and other member benefits through these social media outlets.

American Angus Association

I am die-hard Hereford girl, but the Hereford association cant even compare to the work that the American Angus Association is doing with social media. They are active on so many fronts and leading the beef industry in my opinion in the use and production of videos on YouTube.

Aggies Online

Aggies Online is a very unique website that is partnered with Animal Agriculture Alliance to allow college students to network and blog about ideas, issues and events related to animal agriculture. Aggies Online uses various fronts of social media, but also encourages the members of the website to utilize every avenue possible to spread the message.

Real Ranchers

I was just introduced to this website by a good family friend who is very involved in Wyoming agriculture. The true tales of long nights, cold days, heart break, the love of newborn calves and the first days in the tractor are the stories of this blog. They are also using Facebook to share the stories of the many contributors. Honestly, one of my favorite “agvocate” type websites. The website is nothing fancy, just honest.

Meat MythCrushers

A little modern agriculture with a large dose of science makes eating meat just that much more enjoyable! This website hosts its own videos related to meat science. The goal is to set the record straight about meat production.


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    1. Maddee Post author

      I sure didn’t highlight it, but we did discuss the website and the Facebook page in class! Great job to California Agriculture!

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