Top 10 Blogs

I am taking an Emerging Media class this summer. I am very excited to learn a few skills in this ever-changing world of technology, below is my first blog assignment. The assignment was to list and link our top 10 favorite blogs.

Ag Wired

By far and away my favorite blog related to everything agriculture. The topics are current and updated daily by a variety of writers. I really enjoy the topics and the wide array of the discussions and the types of media used to describe events.

Beef Daily

This is the first blog I started reading when Amanda first started writing. I of course fell in love with her stories and blog discussions, as she is a young-cattle enthusiast as well. Watching her blog grow and change has been fun for me, I don’t know, but yet I do, as we seem to see eye to on lots of issues in the cattle industry and life.

Cattle Management

This blog is a little more unique in the blogs that I follow, its sponsored by Cattlesoft, which is a cattle management software company. They discuss cattle related management topics and industry issues. This blog is a fun read for me, as it’s a reminder of practices and constant information that I need to stay current in the business.

Crystal Cattle

I have always enjoyed talking with Crystal at various cattle shows and events, so her blog is just an outreach of those conversations. She discusses life, cattle, and fun fashion bites.

The Pioneer Women

I don’t follow Ree as close as I used to. I fell in love with reading her story of Marlboro man a few summers ago. Her cookbook was a gift to me last Christmas, since then I have fallen in love with her recipes. I really wish she had her own app!

The Inspired Room

I am cheap, real cheap, I wish I had a shop of some kind to create all of the home decor pieces I dream of. This blog is very inspiring for those creative ideas!

On the Rodeo Road

It’s no secret I love the cattle industry and I have no real connection the world of rodeo. I have always enjoyed the tales and adventures of my friends who do rodeo. This blog is one more of those adventurous outlets into that world.

Scott Kelby Photography

Photography is something I wish that I could be instantly great at. I am not, but I do love trying to improve my skill. This blog is inspiring and a great way to learn a little bit more!

Wyman Meinzer Photography

Oh Wyman, thank you for all your stories and all the lessons in photography. I love his blog to continue following all Wyman’s great adventures!

Rawhide and Velvet

Call a spade a spade, which would be RB. She is in the know on the Red Dirt music scene. I love big hair, so does RB; the sightings of awful bump-its rock!


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Blogs

    1. Maddee Post author

      Thanks Crystal, how could I not include you in my top 10. I think several people in my class did, the Pioneer Woman and Crystal Cattle are followed heavily here at Texas Tech!

      1. Crystal Cattle

        Well good to hear. Is there a list of all the class blogs? I would like to thank a few others. And I am honored to be put in a list with Pioneer Woman!

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