I’m Back. For real this time.

Welcome back to the blog.

I am in the process of a facelift on this beast, and lots of new content from my world. As everything in life changes and evolves, I knew my blog would need to do that as well. Once a year I get the urge to get back into blogging and then I don’t commit fully.

Times are changing.

Here is what you can stay tuned for in new content. I will ALWAYS feature my passion for the beef industry and modern agriculture.

  • Adventure: I travel A LOT, so why not share some of the cool place I go and all of the good food I eat. And not to mention my personal goal of finding the best coffee shops in rural America. If you’ve got some wifi signal and a hot Americano, I am coming for you.
  • Cows: Lots and lots of cows.
  • Waco the Bandit: He’s cute so why not.
  • Fashion stuff: I love to tell stories, fun boots and even more than that I love to meet great people and hear how they got to where they are. Typically, this involves me on the road and in the need of some piece of clothing I forgot for whatever event. And or I just find some amazing people doing really cool things.
  • The world around me: I’ve got cool people I meet and love every day, so why not showcase what they are doing.
  • Technology: If you aren’t joining, you are falling behind. I love technology, so if I find something cool I will do my best to share it with you.

Stay tuned!


Who needs a nap? I sure do following over a month of crazy travel and trade shows. This week was full of social media work for the day job, follow ups and reflections on the chaos. 

The reflections on chaos and a week in Nashville for NCBA gave me the energy to get back to telling my #cattletale. And hopefully accessing audiences that are not cattle producers. 

Today, bull sales are officially kicking off for me. It’s one part of my story. The story and greater goals for life tied to the business. We will get to that goals part later. 

I was excited to leave the house this morning, which is a first in nearly a week. And to be sporting my new #cattletales pin on my work vest. It’s simple, highly noticeable, and one thing that wI’ll hopefully lead to more conversations about the beef industry. 

Go grab another cup of coffee, and get out there sharing your story or #cattletales. 

Wordless Wednesday: Snaffle Bit

Hey, baby let’s go to Reno. 

I have never said that, and I don’t think that’s how the saying goes…
But either way, we went and had a ball.

Terrible photo, but we had a blast this weekend in Reno at the Snaffle Bit Futurity. It was an amazing weekend laughing with old friends, making new ones, attempting to sell some horses and learning a ton.

Totally Ridiculous Opinion Needed

“Wait, what did you do with Paula?”

I would guess that 97.9 percent of people that know me, know that my beast of a car was better known as Paula. I often referred to her as such, and that the inanimate object that she was or is, was pretty much my consistent partner in crime. And I say crime, because she had several runs in with the law.

The day came last week, that I decided that she needed to go see greener pastures or whiter lines. So, with that, I bought a new car. It has sport shifters, and multiple other features that are making my weekly gypsy life seem almost like a life luxury. And yes, Mom and insurance agent Kerri, I promise to use the cruise control.

Either way, I took a little sampling via, SnapChat last week to determine the possible names for the actual poll. This poll as you guessed it will determine the official name for my new car. As you can tell, this is highly scientific, and you should answer the question below as such.

With that, I need your opinion, and I will take additional suggestions.


Wordless Wednesday: Tour

To everyone that is partaking in the Northwest Hereford Tour this week, I am jealous. Fall might be my favorite season, and it certainly it is shaping up to be an amazing week to be out looking at some of the finest ranches in the west. 

So here is a flashback photo to the first week in October in 2011. Charles and my sister and I took the afternoon to look at cows, and the views were stunning.


What we wouldn’t give for some snow to be falling on the Wallowas this week.

Wordless Wednesday: Future

This little lady as I keep calling her, or better known as X54 has picked up quite a few likes on my Facebook profile. So I thought I would share her over here as well. 


Check out Chandler’s sale page for sibs of this heifer, while she isn’t for sale, there are others in the pen that are just as striking. And the sale ends tomorrow!

Simply, Why is the Beef Industry Important

Simply saying it, why is the beef industry important? A recent conversation with an industry peer challenged me to state my opinion of this question. 

Preservation and utilization of natural resources, producing lean beef and critical by-products, stimulating rural and urban economies and continuing a family heritage for the next generation are the simply points why I am passionate about the beef industry in the U.S. and around the world.

Our planet is comprised of numerous diverse ecosystems; within those systems are multiple ways to manage the natural resources while cultivating products that further a modern society. Cattle are a tool for management systems that allow rangelands, other grasslands and feedstuffs to be converted to valuable lean beef, while producing by-products that are base element in numerous everyday products.

Beef is my favorite protein that helps me maintain a health lifestyle, and is a component in so many of my favorite products and critical items that could save my life if needed. Nothing is wasted, and every resource that was used to create the nutritious beef or the by-product continues on in the cycle of life.

In my travels throughout the country, I have seen rural communities thriving and major ports shipping beef products all over the world. The common factor that connects all of us is the the success in the beef industry. When downtown districts are thriving in rural America, you know there are good things going on down the chain. In good times, or bad, the cattle business is continually turning dollars back in our economies.

Beef product has also been my family’s livelihood for nearly 130 years. The original goal was to provide beef to the gold miners during the gold rush in the late 1800’s it turned into a lifestyle that has raised six generations, thousands of head of quality Hereford cattle and preserved the land for generations to come. At the end of the day, all of my goals come back to the ranch. I want to have a career furthering agriculture and the beef industry while raising a family that gets to experience life around livestock and the people that make the industry so great.

My passion for the beef industry comes from a long line of ranchers, but my education and experiences have continued to show me that we can raise beef that fits the environment and meets customer demands. Now, I challenge you to share you opinion about why the beef industry is important to you.

My best days are spent looking at good Hereford cows.

Spring calving cows at the ranch in Baker, Oregon.